The Book

The writer is not presenting himself as a bible scholar, nor does he present himself to be anything other than what he is — a Christian who has been observant, generally without a judgmental eye, but wondering why we do what we do and how can we do better to exemplify Christ in our lives; and, why should we?

The main body of the book is a prose designed to present Jesus from the beginning through the end of time as described in the Bible. From the perspective of one whose chosen behavior resulted in the need of the Savior, the writer presents the true perspective of being personally responsible and personally participating in as well as observing the barbaric crucifixion process Jesus suffered to provide Himself as the chosen Lamb of God.
Each verse of the prose is supported by scripture and each scripture is presented to the reader using five translations for the reader’s convenience for comparisons. The writer’s hope is for the reader to study the scriptures, compare them from different translations, view them in context of the surrounding verses, and more clearly see how Jesus is presented to us in the Bible.

Who is, This JESUS? began several years ago as a song to praise the Lord for who He is and what HE has chosen to do for mankind. With time, more verses were added until they would not fit in as a song, so it changed to a poem, and then more were added until the rhyming was not consistent, thus the author has chosen to consider it a prose. Please read it as though someone is speaking it rather than as an English composition. Some punctuations, capitalizations, etc., are for emphasis and hopefully will not confuse you. The first presentation is without footnotes intentionally for fluidity of reading. The second presents footnotes to validate each phrase or sentence as being supported by scripture. Then, are the scriptures coordinated with the footnotes to simplify the access of scripture for the reader.
Following the prose, the writer gives his personal opinion as a non-scholar as to how to apply Biblical truth into daily life and why we should pursue doing so; followed by two poems written by the author for the enjoyment and hopefully encouragement of the reader.

Translations used:

NASB — New American Standard Bible 1995

AMP —- Amplified Bible

CJB ……. Complete Jewish Bible

KJV ……. King James Version

|NIV ……. New International Version